Renowned actors, dancers, directors, writers, translators responsible for critically acclaimed productions. Ranging from original works to translations and adaptations of classics.


Subcategory  – Licensing 

We receive many requests for permission to perform our playwrights’ work. To   request permission to license performance rights, please contact- [email protected]


Subcategory – Translations 

Please find a list of original screenplays and adaptations and translation of the playwrights we represent. For more information please contact- [email protected]

Soumaya Ahouaoui

Actor, Voice actor

Steef de Bot

Actor, Stage & Screenwriter, Voice actor

Stefan Cappiello

Actor, Voice actor

Susannah El Mecky

Actor, Voice actor

Teun Luijkx

Actor, Voice actor

Thomas Acda

Actor, Composer, Director

Thor Louwerens

Actor, Voice actor

Tim Kamps

Actor, Stage & Screenwriter, Director

Tim Olivier Somer

Actor, Voice actor