Teun Luijkx is a popular Dutch actor. He has starred in series such as Elixer (2025, NPO), Der Amsterdam Krimi (2024, ARD), Exen (2024, PTM), Patty (2023, Videoland), Anoniem (2023, NPO), Het Jaar van Fortuyn (2022, NPO), Fenix (2018, KPN), A’dam -E.V.A. (2011-2016, NPO), Bloedverwanten (2012-2014, NPO), and the International Emmy Award nominated series The Spiral (2012, NPO). Teun has also starred in films such as Everything of Value (2021), the Oscar nominated film, Quo Vadis, Aida (2020) and Retrospekt (2019, Toronto International Film Festival and Berlinale Forum), So What is Love (2019), and &Me (2013). full CV on IMDb


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