Renowned actors, dancers, directors, writers, translators responsible for critically acclaimed productions. Ranging from original works to translations and adaptations of classics.


Subcategory  – Licensing 

We receive many requests for permission to perform our playwrights’ work. To   request permission to license performance rights, please contact- [email protected]


Subcategory – Translations 

Please find a list of original screenplays and adaptations and translation of the playwrights we represent. For more information please contact- [email protected]

Ellie de Lange

Actor, Voice actor

Eva K. Mathijssen

Stage & Screenwriter

Eva Laurenssen

Actor, Voice actor

Fahd Larhzaoui

Actor, Voice actor

Fedja van Huêt

Actor, Voice actor

Frieda Barnhard

Actor, Voice actor

Gerardjan Rijnders

Stage & Screenwriter, Director, Voice actor

Gijs Blom

Actor, Voice actor

Hajo Bruins

Actor, Voice actor

Hamza Othman


Hans Dagelet

Actor, Voice actor

Helge Slikker

Composer, Voice actor