Yassine Ouaich is a Belgian award-winning rising star who gained fame for his roles in the TV series Styx (2024, Streamz), Ferry: de Serie (2023, Netflix), De Twaalf – De Assenpoestermoord (2023, Één/Netflix) and Lost Luggage (2022, VRT). He won the most prestigious acting award in Belgium (Ensor) for his lead role in the series Soil (2021, Netflix). On stage, he starred in the play Neeland (2017-2018). In 2024 he is the host and co-creator of the podcast The 9 Lives of Yassine (2024, RADIO1).– full CV on IMDb


Theenvoyweb.com on Soil:

‘Yassine Ouaich, who played the character of Ismael, is the perfect fit for the role. He is able to deliver the goofy and emotional dilemma of the character quite beautifully’. 


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