Thomas van der Ree is a writer of series such as Sleepers S2 (2023, Videoland), the multiple-season TV show All Stars (2021-present, NPO), Judas S1&2 (2017- 2022, RTL/Videoland), Ares (2019, Netflix) and, Smeris (2014-2017, NPO). He wrote films such as Bad Boas (2024), Resistance Banker (2018) and Riphagen (2016), and co-directed Herman vermoordt Mensen (2021). Thomas is part of the writers’ room Winchester McFly* – full CV on IMDb

* Winchester McFly is a Writers Room consisting of seven screenwriters with a vision: to creat high-end films and series with an original approach. They have created series such as Lois (NPO, 2019), Bureau Raampoort (NPO, 2018) Smeris (NPO 2014-2017), Judas (2017, RTL/Videoland,), Ares (Netflix, 2019), and All Stars (NPO, 2021).