Tatjana Almuli is a writer, freelance journalist and photographer. She present the tiktok webserie Dikke Vette Leugens (2023, NPO/VPRO). She writes essays on the captive (female) body, grief, intergenerational trauma, sexual freedom and (mental) health for newspaper Het Parool and magazines such as ELLE and Vogue. Tatjana has a monthly column in Flow. In 2019 her debut Knap voor een dik meisje was nominated for the Opzij Literatuurprijs. In 2022 her novel Ik zal je nooit meeron (delayed) grief and intergenerational trauma was published. She’s the co-founder and host of the weekly podcast ‘Tussen dertig en doodgaan,’ together with writer Malou Holshuijsen.


On Ik zal je nooit meer

‘A voice of her generation.’ – de Volkskrant

‘Enchanting writing style […] Edgy and at the same time soft and open-hearted.’ – Het Parool

On Knap voor een dik meisje

‘Very personal and outspoken […] Knap voor een dik meisje is comparable to Hungerby Roxane Gay, who wanted the voice of fat people to be heard in a society oriented on slimness.’ Trouw

“In her critically acclaimed book Knap voor een dik meisje, Tatjana Almuli talks about how she came to accept her body after decades of self-hatred, and she passionately fights against fat shaming and all the stigmas surrounding being fat.” Vogue