Steef de Bot is an actor and creator. Together with his companion Kay Greidanus he initiates series and films with his production company Icarus*. Steef is known for his roles in the films Ik Wist Het (2022), Good Bad Girl (2021), Bankier van het Verzet (2018). He starred in several TV series including Vliegende Hollanders (2020, NPO), the first Netflix original series Ares (2020), Zuidas (2018, NPO) and Brussels (2017, NPO) – full CV on IMDb


*Icarus, is a creative collective run by Steef de Bot and Kay Greidanus, both actors. They formed this collective to develop and write their own series and features. Als Het Zo Is (2016) was their first short, Fijn Weekend (2023) the first feature they wrote and executive produced – info: Icarus



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