Sabri Saddik is a rising star who has quickly gained fame with his roles in the TV series Sleepers S1 & S2 (2023 & 2024), The Ring (2023, NPO), Sleepers (2023, Videoland), Bestseller Boy (2022, NPO), and All Stars and Sons S1 & S2 (2020 & 2023, NPO). He has also starred in the films Vaandeldrager 5 (2024), El Houb (2022), which had its international premiere at the 2022 Frameline festival in San Francisco, and the film Meskina (2021),which won the Golden Film at the 2021 Film Festival in the Netherlands. On stage, Sabri played the role of Hamlet in De Toneelmakerij’s acclaimed play Hamlet (2022). – full CV on IMDb


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