Roeland Fernhout is one of the most sought-after Dutch actors. He gained fame through the success of the internationally awarded film Zusje (1995). Roeland stars in films like Costa!! (2022), The Photo Camera(2022), My Best Friend Anne Frank (2021), A Certain Kind of Silence (2019), Brasserie Valentijn (2016), Michiel de Ruyter (2015), Dummie the Mummie (2014, 2015, 2017), Phileine Says Sorry (2003) and Blind Date (1996). Roeland stars in series such as Anoniem (2023, NPO), Five Live (2022, SBS6), Commando’s (2020, NPO), Killing Eve (2019, BBC US), Women of the Night (2019, NPO), Meisje van Plezier (2017-2020, RTL/Videoland), Zwarte Tulp (2015-2016, RTL), Annie MG (2010, NPO), Floor Faber (2009, NET5) and All Stars (1999-2000 / NPO). Roeland played with several theatre companies and was part of the International Theater Amsterdam (ITA, 1999-2015) ensemble led by Ivo van Hove – full CV on IMDb


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