Prof. Soortkill is a philosopher, writer, and co-founder of SMIB WORLDWIDE, a lifestyle brand established by a collective from the Bijlmer. Since 2014, SMIB WORLDWIDE has been making waves in the cultural sector, encompassing its own clothing line, music label, festival, and the Smibanese University. Earlier works include the Smibanese Dictionary (2017) and the Smibanese Dictionary 2.0 (2019), which was nominated for the Language Book Prize in 2020. Following the Smibanese Dictionary, Smibology (2023) is the second textbook from Smibanese University, outlining the institution’s ideology, the book quickly climbed the bestseller lists.
Additionally, through the Smibanese University, Prof. Soortkill has curated a book collection in the Amsterdam Public Library, delivers lectures on the Smibological worldview, and contributes a weekly column to NRC titled ‘SMIBOLOGICA.’