Pieter van den Berg is a member of the scriptwriting collective Winchester McFly*. He contributed to many features, like Bellicher: Cell (2012) and series such as Laura H (2023, NPO), Vliegende Hollanders (2020, NPO) and multiple sesaon series Smeris (2014 – 2017, NPO) – full CV on IMDb

*Winchester McFly writers-room consisting of 7 screenwriters with a vision: creating high-end films and series with an original take. They created series such as All Stars (2021, NPO), Ares (2020, Netflix), Lois (2019, NPO), Bureau Raampoort (2018, NPO), Judas (2017, Videoland) and Smeris (2014 – 2020, NPO). – www.winchester-mcfly.com