Noni Kooiman is chef, writer and recipe developer and was raised in Surinam and Amsterdam. In the past decade, she’s worked in different trending restaurants, such as Coba, Vuurtoreneiland, De Klepel in Amsterdam and Rose Bakery in Paris. She is the author of several cookbooks. Her first book Inmaken (2020), in collaboration with Jonah Freud, was shortlisted for the Golden Cookbook. She also wrote Switi Sranan (2022), in which she investigated the different kitchens and their history within Surinam. Noni’s interest is in the crossroads between cooking, food and (colonial) history.


NRC about Noni:

Met elke hap eten geeft ze haar geëngageerde blik mee, een flard geschiedenis en context. Niet alleen liefde gaat door de maag, ook kennis.

She gives insight and a bit of history with every bite. They say ’the way to the heart is through the stomach’ but it’s also the way of knowledge. 

Jonah Freud over Noni in Het Parool:

I asked Noni, because i love to work with young people who keep me sharp. My children also work in the culinary world and that’s how I get to know the best young people in the scene.