Maurits Chabot is a historian and writer. He is the book week author of 2024. He has written two books and made four documentaries. He works for the national newspaper De Volkskrant. His latest book, Over de Kloof, about unlikely friendships, was made into a documentary by the EO.

For Over de Kloof, he takes readers on a journalistic quest into the heart of Rwanda, along the checkpoints of the Israel-Palestine border and inside American prisons. While travelling through zones of conflicts and wars, Chabot explored how people reconciled and became friends despite wars, ethnic tensions and geopolitical conflicts. It is a book about resilience, reconciliation and friendship during extreme times.

Maurits Chabot gives lectures on friendship, empathy, freedom, and reconciliation.
He studied history at Antwerp and Charles University Prague, and has a master European Studies from Paris-Sorbonne and Oxford University.