Kim van Kooten is an acclaimed, award-winning actress, writer and with a long-standing career in film and television. She has written for series, including the very popular rating hit Dag & Nacht (2023, NPO), and De Verschrikkelijke Jaren 80 (2022, NPO) on both of which she served as one of the executive producers. And she has written for the award-winning box office hits like Alles is Liefde (2007) and Alles is Familie (2012). She also wrote the children’s book Pomtidom (2009 & 2019) and the bestseller Lieveling (2015). As an actress she starred in films such as De Zitting (2021), the box office hits Alles is Familie (2012) and Phileine Zegt Sorry (2003), as well as series including Dag & Nacht (2023, NPO), De Verschrikkelijke Jaren 80 (2022, NPO), and the successful series Hollands Hoop (NPO, 2014-2020). – full CV on IMDb


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