Julia Akkermans is a rising, award-winning star known for her roles in the feature films Pink Moon ( 2022, Tribeca Film Festival) and Niemand in de Stad (2018). She stars in several series, including

Casus (2024, Videoland), De Poli (2023, NPO), Rough Diamonds (2023, Netflix), Dirty Lines (2022, Netflix), Van der Valk (2022, ITV), and the successful series Papadag (2017-2020). On stage, she stars in shows such as Mama (2022), Brave New World (2019), Gijsbrecht van Aemstel (2016). Julia is co-represented by Paradigm Agency in the US. – full CV on IMDb


Loudandclearreviews.com on Pink Moon:

‘This is where Akkermans’ beautiful performance as Iris comes into play. She perfectly mirrors what it is to be grieving a loved one after death, taking their own life.’

Thefilmexperiance.nl on Pink Moon:

‘Julia Akkermans hits it out of the park with her nuanced performance of a daughter who’ll do just about anything to stop the inevitable.’

Cbsnews.com on Pink Moon:

‘The performances of Julia Akkermans as Iris, Eelco Smits as Ivan, and Johan Leysen as the father are all first-rate.’

Theenvoyweb.com onDirty Lines:

‘Julia Akkermans’ Janna embodies the new countercultural woman of the 80s. She awes the viewers with both her personality and her voice’.


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