Joke Tjalsma is one of the most versatile actresses of her generation. She starred in many series, such as Bodem (NPO, 2024),  Oogappels (NPO, 2021-2023), All Stars & Zonen (NPO, 2023), Tropenjaren (NPO, 2022) and De Verschrikkelijke Jaren tachtig (NPO, 2022). She also starred in films such as Romy’s Salon (2019), Kerstappels (2022), Happy End (2016), Aanmodderfakker (2014)and Eep! (2010). She played many roles on stage in productions such as Bijke (Pier21, 2022-2023), Repelsteeltje en de blinde prinses (Theater Rotterdam, 2019-2020), De verleiders (Bos Theaterproducties, 2013-2014) and many more.


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