Jacob Derwig is one of the most established and award-winning actors in the Netherlands, with a long-standing career in film, television and theatre. He is known for his roles the feature films Klem (2023), De Zitting (2021), Bankier van het Verzet (2018), Publieke Werken (2015), and Alles is Familie (2012). He has starred in numerous TV series, including Elixer (2025, NPO), Maxima (2024, Videoland), Een moord kost meer Levens (2023, Videoland), De Droom van de Jeugd (2023, NPO), De Verschrikkelijke Jaren ‘80(2022, NPO), Red Light (2020-2021, NPO/VTM), and the succesful successful series Klem (2017-2020). On stage, he has an extensive track record, including shows like Verdriet is een Ding met Veren (2021-2022), and Revolutionary Road which he adapted himself from the book to the stage (2017-2023). For many years, he was part of the prestigious International Theater Amsterdam (ITA), led by Ivo van Hove. – full CV on IMDb


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