Iris Hond is a multiple awards winning pianist, composer and performer.

In 2009 she opened the concert of Diana Ross fora audience of 30.000 with a piece by Frans Liszt. In 2013 she signed with the record label Decca and released albums with classical pieces as well as her own compositions.   Iris Hond was the only artist in history to give ten consecutive concerts in the Great Hall of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw (2021). She played in all prestigious music halls but also in places like prisons and shelters for refugees and homeless to create understanding for people who, for whatever reason, cannot connect with society. Iris is currently working on new music and a new concert series.


– Kevin Killen (David Bowie, U2, Peter Gabriel) about Iris: To watch Iris play the piano is a mesmerizing experience, such is her touch which contains finesse and dynamism within the same moment . During each performance Iris and the piano merge together to become one unique voice producing beautiful ,haunting and thrilling pieces.