Daniel Boissevain is one of the most established actors with a long-running career in film, television and theatre. He is known for his roles in the feature film A Piece of my Heart (2022), The Host (2020), Alberta (2016) and the blockbuster Gooische Vrouwen (2011). He starred in several TV series including Oogappels (2019 – 2021, NPO), the long-running series All Stars (1999-2023, NPO), Brussel (2017, KPN) and the popular series Gooische Vrouwen (2006-2009, RTL). On stage, he starred in several productions including The Broken Cricle Breakdown (2014) and The Guilty (2022) which he also co-produced – full CV on IMDb
Theaterkrant.nl on De Schuldige:
‘Lead actor Daniël Boissevain alone dominates the stage in The Guilty’



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