Daan Schuurmans is one of the most acclaimed Dutch actors. He was chosen as a Shooting Star at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2003. Daan was featured in Costa Gavras’ latest film Adults in the room (Venice Film Festival 2019) and starred in films such as Mannenharten 1 and 2 (2013, 2015), Het Diner (2013) and Terug naar de Kust (2009). He starred in series such as the widely acclaimed series The Story of the Netherlands (2022, NPO), Turbulent Skies (2020, NPO), the hugely popular series Mocro Maffia (2018-2020, Videoland), Heer & Meester (2014-2016, NPO) and Bernhard Schavuit van Oranje (2010, NPO)Besides his work as an actor he produces films and series with his production company Triangle Film*. Esquire magazine named Daan the best actor of his generation – full CV on IMDb

*Triangle Film, the production banner of Daan Schuurmans and Bracha van Doesburgh with which they co-produced, alongside Topkapi Film, the film Piece of My Heart (2022). Currently Triangle Film is developing several series and a film for Netflix. www.trianglefilm.nl 


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