Chris Peters is one of the most promising young actors in The Netherlands who caught audiences’ attention with his title role in the film Tonio (2016) and starring roles in the films Open Seas (2018) and De Poel (2014).Chris stars in series such as Droom van de Jeugd (2023, NPO), Rampvlucht (2022, NPO) and has the lead in the popular Netflix original series Dirty Lines (2022). – full CV on IMDb


Hollywood Insider on Chris Peter in Dirty Lines:

‘The actors make a good pairing and share a decent amount of onscreen chemistry, making both their connection as brothers and as business partners palpable and realistic’..


Volkskrant on Chris Peter in Dirty Lines: ‘We volgen de broers Stigter, adembenemend vertolkt door Minne Koole en Chris Peters, die de sterren van de hemel spelen’.


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