Aus Greidanus sr. is an established actor known for his work in theater, cinema, and television. For years, he was the artistic director of the famous theater company De Appel in the Hague. He starred in tv-series such as Arcadia (2023, NPO), Anoniem (2023, NPO), Judas 2 (2022, Videoland), Swanenburg (2021, NPO), Turbulent Skies (2020, NPO), De 12 van Oldenheim (2017, RTL/Videoland), and De Zaak Menten (2016, NPO). He has also starred in films including Jippie No More (2023), The Man from Rome (2023), Fijn Weekend (2023), Herman Vermoordt Mensen (2022), Kapsalon Romy (2019), and Redbad (2018). – full CV on IMDb