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Henneman Agency actively works at creating an international network. One of our goals is to create a platform for European talent and serve this talent by providing exposure for those with the quality and ability to work in the international film and entertainment industry.

Henneman Agency works closely with other European agencies to create a central meeting point for talent for European and worldwide productions. In 2015, we founded the European Talent Network (ETN) together with our Danish partner Teamplayers and German partner Spielkind.

These ETN agencies have united to form a bridge between European talent and the rest of the world. Together, we strengthen each other’s international networks and have a common goal to present our talent to the rest of the world. ETN is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for international producers and casting directors who want to create a project with European talent but prefer to access a single entity instead of contacting agents in different countries. By creating this platform, we aim to maintain up-to-date knowledge on the current film European entertainment industry and provide our talent with all the necessary contacts to develop an international career.

Through our years of combined experience, we know the value and impact of specific talent. We understand European stories.