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Henneman Agency is one of the leading agencies in the Netherlands and represents over 100 prominent creative talents in all areas of the entertainment industry and cultural sector. Ranging from actors and writers to directors and composers, Henneman Agency plays a key strategic role between clients and producers on a national and international level. Personal attention and commitment to our clients is always our focus.

In addition to the standard services the agency offers, Henneman Agency initiates various new TV, film and theatre projects. These projects offer unique creative and business opportunities for our clients and provide them with a better position in the market.

Henneman Agency was founded in 2005 by Vanessa Henneman and, since 2015, is a partner in the European Talent Network | ETN.

Vanessa is a lawyer specialized in intellectual propriety rights and copyrights. She is a board member of the European Film Academy.

  • Vanessa Henneman CEO
    agent acteurs, regisseurs, auteurs, componisten
  • Jara Lucieer Managing Director
  • Nancy Thomas Agent acteurs
  • Eline de Boer Agent acteurs
  • Florentine Schouwenburg Agent acteurs
  • Dunja Bonger Administratie, casting buitenland
  • Elles Masselink Jurist
  • Eline Kruithof Junior agent makers
  • Simone van den Ende Consultant
  • Oene Kummer Social Media